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Light + Energy Serum Cleanser - Over 25 active ingredients

100ml 3.38fl oz

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With over 25 active ingredients, this 'Cult'  cleansing serum is like no other, luxurious and great to use as a supercharged mask.  This rich oil-based cleanser melts into the skin immediately improving skin radiance and vitality, high in palmitolic acid, lineleic and alpha-linolenic acid, to repair cells and improve elasticity.  White Water Lilly and Arnica Flower CO2 calm irritated skin and restore balance. Our vibrant Saffron plant cells are uniquely extracted to retain the highest levels of active molecules that stimulate cell regeneration and function. Pure Manuka Extract repairs damaged cells and restores radiance. Our unique ‘Wilde Herb’ formula lifts impurities and removes makeup, leaving skin primed, hydrated and restored – an indulgent cleansing ritual. (Organic muslin cloth included)

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