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Advanced Supercell Serum - over 20 active ingredients

30ml 1.05fl oz

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A dynamic, anti-ageing, 'superfood' serum that promotes epidermal regeneration.  Protects from damage and boosts cell function, increasing skin's elasticity by 82.4%.  Prevents photo ageing by protecting the cells from UV induced damage by 100%.   A daily shot of supercharged ‘youth’ treatment will encourage glowing, supple and resilient skin. Elegant, yet concentrated, this unique, luxurious serum contains the intense anti-oxidant properties of the ‘super seaweed’ Chrondus Chrispus and the purest form of Hyaluronic acid to deliver immediate hydration and comfort. Fragrant yet powerful, the serum uses plant cells from the Osmanthus flower to help protect and restore skin cell energy. The vibrant Saffron flower helps to brighten the skin for a natural, dynamic beauty strategy. Our selected ‘Wilde’ essential oils within the serum are rich, yet easily absorbed, and deliver a balance of nourishing lipids to ‘fatten’ and nourish the deep dermal layers, boosting cell integrity and life-cycle.

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