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Active Boost Face Serum/Oil - with over 14 active ingredients

30ml 1.05fl oz

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More of a serum than oil, this active oil centric blend of dynamic plant and flower oils, is a supercharged treatment and an anti-wrinkle warrior. Suitable for all skin types, our face oil balances, nurtures and rejuvenates, without leaving a greasy residue.  Provides a youthful radiance by improving skin quality and firmness. The use of sophisticated Micro-Algae, the anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric, and ‘Survivor’ flowers like Desert Rose help to illuminate the skin, delivering a genuinely anti-ageing concept. Stimulates stem cells and metabolic function.  Our balanced combination of natural nutrient-rich oils is easily absorbed, to nourish and condition your skin, whilst our heavenly floral essences lift and support.  A radiant and even skin tone is achieved, whilst experiencing an indulgent skincare ritual.  Use morning and night either alone or mixed with the 'Advanced Supercell Serum' for an impactful treatment.

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