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Valentines is a time to appreciate the loved ones in our lives, but what is it that makes us fall in love?Scent plays a surprisingly large part of this, believe it or not.The first reaction of most people when the subject of scent comes up is to mention its ‘evocative’ power and to illustrate it with an anecdote relating to a scent memory. But it is so much more than that. 


The olfactory system (our nose) links directly to our limbic system (brain) that plays an essential role in the formation of new memories and past experiences. Human pheromones are extremely powerful and yet we are often completely unaware of them. These subtle pheromones are completely natural, created by living and breathing creatures. No perfume house can re-create a pheremonal scent, but their marketing can suggest otherwise. It is as binary as this… scent is personal. You may like a scent and your best friends loathes it. Thank God!



Buying a perfume is such a personal choice – the bottom line is….if you like the smell of a perfume, it will affect your mood. If your partner likes the smell of your perfume then certain romantic feelings are likely to form.

Another truth that not everyone knows is that perfume can smell different from one person to another. Now THAT is pheromones, which can affect the PH of your skin etc. Of course we all have a personal scent, that is what makes us individual – but our advice is not to mask your natural scent, but enhance it. Find a scent that feels like an extension of you, but don’t try to smell like someone else. Be confident and connect with another expression of yourself via perfume. Now find yourself something you and your partner love and happy valentines!

"The romantic and rebellious scent of Romilly Wilde’s debut perfume has been described as ‘addictive’ by the press and since its launch has gone crazy. The ultimate feminine fragrance, and for the month of February, we are offering a 10% discount off the listed price. Lively top notes of green mandarin, spicy cardamom and musky angelica introduce you to the true essence and abstract beauty of Idle. We use a signature jasmine chord developed exclusively for Romilly Wilde, which includes a refined jasmine Sambac to create a beguiling and irresistible feminine heart. This beautiful combination of floral, green and spicy notes is softened by a harmonious chord of Cabreuva wood, sandalwood, moss, musk and ambergris notes, which create a base of cashmere softness and a sultry, maddeningly addictive dry down.An innovative fragrance, Idle combines the beauty of the finest natural ingredients with the abstract quality and longevity of modern fragrant molecules.


IDLE - Eau de Parfum

30ml | 1 fl oz 


This mixed-media perfume is a contradiction and abstract in its 

nature. It has an addictive, velvety musk and a woody character, floral, though not traditionally ‘floral’. Fresh yet warm opening notes of aromatic woods and green blossoms are lifted by a touch of Green Mandarin and Bergamot, whilst the musk and botanical notes of Angelica seeds add texture and refinement.



FRIDA - Scented Candle

Discover deeply fragrant, cashmere softness, warmth and a hint of mystery, in this unconventional blend of musk, precious woods, incense and spices, housed within our exclusively designed glass, brightly coloured in Romilly Wilde’s signature orange. 100% soya wax, perfume grade large candle.

100% SOY WAX, Hand-poured in the UK 



“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake” – Ernest Hemingway. 

Sleep is the best meditation, said the Dalai Lama. What we say here is not news. Sleep enables your body to recover, and by recover we mean reset, restore and re-charge. When you are awake, we are in some way or another stressed. Our nervous systems consist of the brain, sensory organs, and all of the nerves that connect these organs with the rest of the body. Together, these organs are responsible for the control of the body and communication among its parts. When this system gets compromised, we will not function at all well.



This advanced night repair cream intensifies the renewal cycle of the skin, with self-regenerating stem cell technology to stimulate collagen synthesis and recovery.Pure energy comes from plant cells and polysaccharides from Mexican Poppy, Japanese Knotweed and adaptogenic herbs for a truly natural skin repair. You will awake with a highly nourished, charged complexion.



The saying “your eyes are the windows to your soul” is a little far fetched. However, your eyes are the windows to your health and also what you are feeling. Our first connection with another human being is naturally visual initially, and all our other sensory organs are busy selecting and transmitting through processes through to our brains. All of this at “hello, nice to meet you”. We are over thinking without consciously doing so. It is this primal human quality that we need to be most proud of, but also more connected with. When you look at someone, really try to connect with not only him or her, but yourself. An honest person doesn’t look away, a happy person engages, and a confident person enquires. Open them wide and utilise them.



A Profound sculpting eye serum with nutrient-rich plant cells from sea chamomile, Chinese Hibiscus and adaptogenic herbs. This light serum increases the metabolism of the skin cells to boost turnover and circulation, supporting the three major areas of the eye.  



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