Privacy Policy | Romilly Wilde

Romilly Wilde (Wilde Beauty Ltd) is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and that you know how your data may be used.


We have made some changes to our Privacy Policy to reflect the EU’s Data Protection Regulation. 


These updates reflect the compliance with the new requirements under the ER General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are applicable to everyone, not just EU/EEA citizens.


You are welcome and view/amend your personal data or unsubscribe any time.  By continuing to subscribe and using Romilly Wilde’s services on or after May 25th 2018, you acknowledge agreement to this updated Privacy Policy.


  • Cookies – these small files let us know whether you have visited our website before, are of legal age, and for tracking which pages have been visited via Google Analytics. Coolies expire after one year and are renewed the next time you visit our website. You may also delete all cookies through your browser, at any time.
  • Newsletter – When you sign up for our monthly updates and occasional marketing emails, Mailchimp securely stores your email address, name and IP address until you unsubscribe. Each newsletter we send out gives you the option to view/amend/unsubscribe at any time.
  • Online Shop – when you place an order for any product, we use the personal details provided to fulfil the order. We do NOT collect any sensitive data about you or share any personal data.


If you have any questions relating to GDPR then please do not hesitate to contact