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Detoxing has become a term associated with clean living. Purging our systems from over indulgences, and this time of year we are all feeling a little ‘dirty’ from too much booze, sugary delights and being sedentary in front of the telly.  

Good news! Our bodies are amazing, they are finely tuned and quickly able to heal themselves. Our livers often pay the highest price, as they filter and assimilate all that we burden our bodies with, so a healthy liver, reflects in our skin, our eyes, our hair etc. You can generally tell of a poor performing liver or gall bladder by someone’s dark circles and bags under their eyes.I would like to share with you some reliable, effective and painless ways to feel great again, and within a few days into January, you will start to feel energised, vital and clean again. But don’t just see this as a January detox, treat it as your new daily ritual.  



Dry brushing your skin every day before a shower or bath is one of the simplest, most effective ways to help improve circulation and skin condition. If you are increasing blood circulation, then you in turn are boosting the lymphatic system to move ‘toxins’ and stagnancy from your body, so that we can eliminate and excrete what we don’t need. We recommend the hand brushes that have leather straps, and put one on each hand and brush firmly from your feet up. Always work towards the heart. Your skin can then absorb and utilise any skin care products you use after your bathing routine. Great to use on stubborn cellulite areas too.





Water. Have a glass of filtered water by your bed. The moment you wake, glug the whole glass down like a thirsty child. This will flush your sleepy body and kick-start your system with a cleansing boost. Our bodies are made up of so much water, and we dehydrate in our sleep. This simple ritual will soon reveal the instant benefits. But be sure to keep the water in a bottle, overnight the water starts reacting with carbon dioxide at night which is why sometimes you will notice bubbles and a different taste in the morning as the natural pH is altered. You can also add some health giving Ayurevedic herbs to your water to infuse overnight. Rosemary is our top tip, as this stimulates the brain and our concentration. Better for you than reaching for that an espresso as soon as you peel yourself from your bed sheets first thing in the morning. Speaking of coffee, we all love a cup, but flush it away with a glass of water immediately afterwards, just like the Italians do.



Sugar, hidden sugars are the worst and we are all so much more aware of how genuinely ‘bad’ sugar is for us. It rots us from the inside out and is as addictive as class A drugs. Now I am talking about processed sugars, refined sugars. We need sweetness, sure, otherwise life would be DULL. But it is knowing how much sweetness we really need. Our bodies have been conditioned to demand a high level of sweetness, especially from childhood. We are human after all and we all have a sweet tooth to some degree. Alternatives such as Yacon syrup or Lacuma powder are a fabulous alternative to sweetening dishes. If you just cant help yourself though, and have overindulged in a sugary treat, balance it out by taking Chromium. This supplement is a metallic element that all of our bodies need in small amounts and is an essential part of metabolic processes that regulate blood sugar, and helps to transport glucose energy into cells where it is then used for energy. It also metabolises carbohydrates, fats and proteins.





We are all, constantly attached to our devices, so it is really important to schedule a small part of your day to switching off. The constant frequency, although silent and unnoticed, is unnatural and invasive. Using our phones, tablets and laptops immediately before bed prolongs us from getting to the most important and restorative sleep cycle and accounts for 20-25% of an adults sleep cycle, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) also known as ‘Deep Sleep’. This is where we recharge and recover. So do your body and brain a favour and put away the gadgets and perhaps just read for an hour in bed before switching off. You will feel far better for it in the morning, and you will experience improved concentration and memory. We suggest leaving your phones in the kitchen or living room, I know it isn’t easy and I know your excuse already… “but I use my phone for my alarm in the morning”. Just get yourself a proper alarm clock, it won’t cost you the world. Simples.



In Sweden they actually have quiet rooms where employees can have a nap or meditate. This isn’t always possible of course, but you can initiate your own quiet time to recharge, reconnect with yourself and concentrate on you. The best time to do this is 2pm. This is when our bodies have usually been performing for 7 hours already, and are half way through potentially another 7 hours of performing. If you consider yourself for a moment, and how your body and mind work together to achieve all the single things you do from dawn till dusk, it is quite incredible, and we actually get very little ‘time out’. So, turn everything off, breathe consciously, find your centre and focus on every aspect of your physical self, from your toes to your nose. 5 mins can be enough if that is all you can spare, just find a quiet space, turn your phone off or leave it somewhere else and just breathe. Deep breaths, feel yourself breathing, in and out. Repeat. You won’t believe how good you will feel after just 5 minutes of deep, considered breathing.



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