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Valentines has been around since the middle ages, with earliest written valentines recorded from the 1400’s.  The name Valentine was spawned by the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture that ruled a majority of Britain. It comes from the Latin name Valentinus, which is a derivative of the word valens, which means strong or healthy. We like that!

Modern Love needs a a kick up the ass and a reminder of what it essentially means.  Our simple interpretation is that Love is a selfless and natural way to demonstrate unconditional acts of kindness to those that you care for.  Love also means acceptance and a non-judgemental take on life and those you meet.  

But once in a while, Valentines should be a totally selfish indulgence and the focus on  ‘yours truly’ should be met with a guilt-free, me time!

If this is you, then treat yourself to a Wilde Night in, with these top tips for self care on Valentine’s to remind you that you are beautiful and worth investing in.



Find a space where you can be undisturbed and don’t set a time or feel you need to ‘achieve’ anything in a deadline.  Create an environment where you lay out all the tools and products that you want to involve in your ‘at home treatment’ and determine where you want to start.



Body brush and soak in a soothing, therapeutic bath oil with scented candles all around you.  Our Frida, perfume grade, soy wax candle is perfect for this with subtle, grounding scents that will help you switch off from your busy day.  Our favourite bath Oils are OLVERUM, with essential oils from pine, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus.




Adorn yourself in indulgent fabrics that are from a natural material, where your skin can breathe. 



Start with the Light + Energy Serum Cleanser and massage this onto a dry skin, paying attention to your entire face and neck.  Leave on for 15 minutes whilst you can either do a pedicure or manicure.




Remove the cleanser with your hot muslin cloth, steeped in water as hot as you can cope with.  Then remove in circular motions around the face, temples and jawline, using this opportunity for an extra massage and lymphatic drainage



If you are lucky to have the ‘Power + Pair’ (ie Advanced Supercell Serum and Active Boost Face Oil)  then mix two pumps of each into the palm of your hand and blend.  Apply to your face, neck and decollatage, paying special attention to apply until completely absorbed.  Your skin will feel hydrated and nourished at this point, because it has been hydrated and nourished.



This rich luxurious overnight collagen enhancer intensifies the renewal of each skin cell, with self-regenerating stem cell technology that stimulates the synthesis and recovery of every cell.  It is a perfect winter moisturiser to protect during the harsh weather and climate changes and is a major player in your vegan skincare routine.

Pure energy comes from plant cells sourced from polysaccharides from Mexican Poppy, Ayurvedic quality Swertia Chirata and Japanese Knotweed.  This ultra high-tech nocturnal treatment accelerates the anti-ageing effect due to the increase in the activity on cells and increased energetic metabolism.  Think of it like a generator of energy driving nutrition directly to your skin cells, enabling a complete 360 turnover of cells, for skin recovery and renewal.

TOP TIP:  For an increased ‘treatment’ for a truly hungry, confused skin, please add a pump of Active Boost Face Oil to increase the cellular activity.

DID YOU KNOW: Most creams and serums have a lead ingredient of water or ‘Aqua’.  We demand that every single part of the formula is highly charged and nutritional, so we use Green Mandarin water in its place.  No room for lazy ingredients in our profile!



For your final treatment, use our Eye Believe Eye Serum. This profound sculpting eye serum is rich with a spectrum of natural plant stem cells. Stimulating actives from Pomegranate, Schisandra, Sea Chamomile, probiotic ferment and Chinese Hibiscus all boost skin turnover around the precious eye area. 

Using natural ingredients and clean skincare ensures that there are no reactions or sensitivities ensuring that the product gets directly to the areas that need support.  Collagen supply is increased and hyaluronic acid restores the moisture integrity and strength of the delicate under eye area. 

USE:  Pump a single dose onto the cooling silver tip, and gently massage around the delicate eye area in circular motions. Once fully absorbed, tap using your finger pads under the eye area for increased circulation. 

TOP TIP:  The Sea Chamomile is super soothing, so perfect at the end of the day.


Digital detox so put your phone in another room.  Herbal tea, a good book and then 8 hours sleep and you will wake up to a restored and rested, bright eyed and bushy tailed version of YOU.

Enjoy your WILDE NIGHT IN with Romilly Wilde.


Sourced from Pinterest | Image on Left: Michelle Halford for @homestylemag Noguchi | Image on right: Photographer - Billy Kid, Model - Chris Urena