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Choosing to create a non toxic beauty brand was a conscious no brainer for Susie, our founder. As a keen organic and naturopathic pioneer, to avoid chemicals and synthetic ingredients was not only future proofing her brand but identifying a growing awareness in how hidden chemicals dominate our everyday lives, not just in skincare. The results are that our systems, both physical and environmental are over-burdened with these harmful and toxic materials that are often hard to reverse.

Looking at our own bodies for a moment, it’s interesting to just consider the volumes of products we apply to our bodies day in day out. Sun cream, moisturisers, serums, antiperspirant, tanning lotions, make-up, perfume… the list is endless. Your skin is the largest organ and absorbs the products into the finer blood capillaries and therefore into our system. Our poor livers are already working overtime trying to filter and assimilate the crap that we sometimes consume, so to top this up with chemicals that our bodies do not recognise as ‘natural’ or familiar, puts our already challenged systems into stress.

Now for the good news. Romilly Wilde have made a conscious decision to come clean about what it means to be clean. For us, to be a clean beauty brand and create clean beauty products means being entirely clean 100%, all of it, every drop with no hidden dirty surprises. Using clean skincare products ensures you’re also using safe beauty products, which benefits us by benefiting the environment and benefiting our skin in the long run. Take our staple fragrance, Idle: Some of the key ingredients here are Jasmine, (known for soothing and hydrating the skin, and being perfect for sensitive skin because it’s so gentle and balancing) Green Mandarin (gentle and gives us a fresh, tangy scent) and Bergamot (an enlivening citrus scent known in aromatherapy to help ease the mind) and nothing on the ingredients list is cause for concern.

We are also not lazy. In our lotions, emulsions and creams, we would never lead with ‘aqua’ or ‘water’. Instead, we use a fruit hydrolat to make the entire formula both indulgent and nutritionally superior. This demonstrates the lengths we go to use A grade ingredients at every level, and audit every raw material to be sure of its clean credentials. Being ‘of Natural Origin’ or ‘Organic’ status does not ensure that the entire formula is ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. You can grow a beautiful plant organically, then put toxic chemicals into the formulation, negating any of the integrity that was implied. This is what we are up against, these ambiguous, confusing terms that throw all the rules up in the air

It’s like the idea of ‘you are what you eat’. What you’re putting into your body, whether that’s food or products, has an impact on the end-goal for your skin. Whether it’s taking care of acne or wanting that beautiful glowing look, make the switch to clean products in the way that feels right for you. You can start with one item at a time or swap out all of your products for a clean alternative.

The reason that Romilly Wilde has not applied for ‘Natural’ or ‘Organic’ status is that they are different in every country, whether European or US. What is acceptable in the US is not acceptable in European standards or one regulator may approve some materials, but not others. It’s something that we hope will soon resolve itself. But for now, please be reassured that every time you enjoy one of our fabulous, beautiful products, that they are 100% plant derived, non-GM. Our state of the art airless packaging ensures the integrity of the product, so no synthetic, chemicals are needed to preserve the product. No bacteria from fingers or air can compromise the quality and integrity of these formulations.