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Tis the season to be conscious from A to Z, so re-thinking how gifts are wrapped means more mindfulness under the tree and less plastic coated wrapping paper in our landfills!

Here are our top tips to sustainably wrap your presents this holiday season. 

  1. Instead of purchasing wrapping paper that ends up straight in the bin, think reuse/recycle when it comes to gift wrapping. Re-using that forgotten newspaper that sits beside you on the tube or tissue paper that has just come in your latest delivery box is the perfect way to wrap consciously. Callie Pettigrew, London based stylist and designer weighs in with more useful wrapping ideas. “Use the paper bag that you carried your Christmas shopping home in by taking it apart, or that old T-shirt you never wear anymore... fabric can make gorgeous wrapping! Magazines, old packaging, or even a vintage map.” 
  2. Think outside the box when it comes to wrapping and perhaps forgo paper altogether. From old mason jars, to antique biscuit tins, to dust bags - you’d be amazed at what can be transformed. 
  3. Involve your children (or nieces, nephews, cousins, oh my!) and have them design their own wrapping paper and Christmas cards. Those spare bits of yarn, buttons, baubles and stickers stuffed in the top drawer can go a long way to make seasonal cards unique and memorable.
  4. If you simply can’t resist purchasing new wrapping paper, go for recycled and try to avoid glittery/metallic paper, as most contain plastic. 

There is always a more mindful, sustainable option that is still seasonally beautiful. We promise you, loved ones will notice the effort, as will the planet!

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