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Bringing you all the Romilly Wilde inspiration for a table that’s unforgettable, and more importantly doesn’t forget dear darling Mother Earth.


In making the commitment to be more conscious this Christmas from top to table, why not rethink how you decorate the holiday spread with more mindful, sustainable choices. From leaning into your creative side, one can use treasures from nature, vintage finds, and upcycled items (that can even be re-used throughout the year) to give your table that wow factor. London based stylist and designer, Callie Pettigrew had a few helpful hints/suggestions to decorate the table this year without costing the earth.

Bring the outside, in!

Pine cones, Holly, Ivy, berries, and chestnuts are just a few things you can use as table decorations or place settings. Simple yes, but so effective and a great way to get that festive look. Foraging for decorations is not only a great way to cut down on the amount of plastic you’re buying, but can be a really fun outdoor activity for the whole family. Use what you find amongst candles (preferably soy or wax) to create a nordic-style table runner.

Make your own Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers are great, but they are generally terrible for the environment. If your Christmas table isn’t complete without them, why not make your own using cardboard toilet roll inserts and rolling them in a fabric of your choice? Personally I think these are a great alternative as you can fill them with handwritten jokes or specific gifts for each guest. These have to be tied with string at each end and untied rather than pulled apart, so if you’d rather buy them have a look for more eco-friendly options on the market. There are plenty available and many can be recycled afterwards.

Avoid Disposable & Single-use Tableware

It sounds simple, but the festive season can be hectic and it’s easy to pick up disposable cutlery, cups, plates and napkins without thinking (especially when you are catering for a lot of people). Many of these single-use items can’t be recycled and go straight to landfill. Ask a friend or family member coming over if they can bring along their plates, try and use reusable fabric napkins where you can and if you’re short on glassware, lots of supermarkets offer a hire service. 

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