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We’ve turned off the air conditioning and turned on the central heating. Away go the bikinis and hello long sleeves and raincoats. Like any typical summer, we’ve protected our skins with SPF during the day which is essential to save our skins but now it’s the time to anticipate a change in our skins balance and the change in weather leaves our skin begging for nourishment and hydration! As Autumn arrives with the September Equinox, we experience a shift in energy. Autumn is the time for leaves to fall from the trees as everything slows down, and energy begins to move inwards as the weather gets colder.

So, what does this mean for us? It’s important to note the change in weather because everything from warmer baths to blasting the heating can deprive your skin of moisture and leave you feeling dry. Humidity levels are cooler, but the dry air is not our friend - we’re more likely to experience dryness and flaky skin when the weather gets colder. Our skin produces less oil and going from cold, harsh weather outside to centrally-heated buildings causes the capillaries in the face to contract and expand. This leads to redness, broken veins and irritated skin, so it’s important to notice seasonal skin changes and adapt your natural skin care routine to make sure what you’re using still works as the weather changes.


As soon as we turn on our radiators, the heated air causes low humidity. What does this mean for our skin? Water evaporates from it and we need to make sure we’re getting that moisture back into the skin to avoid it looking parched! We recommend replacing your summer products for richer, more rehydrating options for your Autumn skincare choices. Our Night Duty Face Cream is perfect for an intense renewal of each skin cell (apply overnight and massage deeply into the skin until it’s completely absorbed). Pure energy comes from plant cells sourced from polysaccharides from Mexican Poppy and Japanese Knotweed, so nutrition goes directly to your skin cells.


Thinking about skin care products to use, our Founder Susie Willis has a few go-to’s and is big on protecting her skin come rain or shine. She recommends a few things to incorporate into your beauty regimen this season. Our Power Pair is the ultimate recovery package for this time of year. The most important thing? Rehydrating and getting that moisture back into the skin, reintroducing thicker alternatives to combat the colder, harsher weather before winter arrives. Our Advanced Supercell Serum promotes epidermal regeneration and boost cell function, so we advise daily use of this supercharged treatment for glowing, supple skin. The purest form of Hyaluronic acid used in this means your skin is immediately hydrated and comforted. The second part of our super team is our Active Boost Face Oil, which feeds skin with a ‘supercharged surge’ of nourishment. It’s easily absorbed and gives skin a boosted charge of active nutrients to get back that natural glow, so it’s the ultimate morning and night skincare routine.

Susie says, “I love the fact that you can blend these two together for a perfect day moisturising solution. The dryer your skin, the more oil you add. It completely depends on the condition of your skin at any given moment. The ideal balance is two pumps serum, one pump oil. You can top up during the day with serum on its own for a dewy, hydrated and primed complexion. When you ‘power pair’ these two, they’re your best friends and are completely adaptive. A vibrant complexion is no longer confined to the summer months.” Now, let’s talk skin care tips:

Our 8 Things To Try

  1. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated
  2. Buy a humidifier to keep the air moist in your home
  3. Replace your lighter summer skincare options with things that are rich, replenishing and full of active goodies like our Night Duty Face Cream and our Power Pair
  4. Wrap up warm and curl up with a YuYu hot water bottle 
  5. Don’t overdo the central heating
  6. Have warm baths/showers, not hot ones
  7. Always avoid harsh products that can dehydrate your skin
  8. Keep your SPF handy – just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean the sun can’t still do its damage