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There is a place for acids if they are found from nature. These are fruit acids that gently exfoliate without stripping or scorching the skins surface.  They can be a useful element to your skincare routine, if you are responsible about how you use them. 

The concern we have is the myriad of acids that are available and the consumer is often unaware of how to correctly use them.  We recently met a customer who got so excited about a few different products and without realising it, they all had different acids in.  Although there are different levels of acidity, this ‘self-prescribing’ can be detrimental and can burn and thin the skin, making them more sensitive and unbalanced.  

Put simply, we need oils in our skin, we are not made of polished concrete



These acids work on the surface of the skin, dissolving, yes DISSOLVING the dead skin cells.  Top Tip:  AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are gentler and just work on sloughing the superficial layer, and BHA work deeper.  Sounds good if you want to strip your skin of blemishes, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.  In fact, sounds like a dream, but they need to be built up gently.  Be patient to get the results you need. 

The most famous AHA is probably glycolic acid, whilst citric, mandelic and lactic acids are other key examples. 

There is only one BHA – Beta Hydroxy Acid – more commonly known as salicylic acid. Because it is oil-soluble it can penetrate beneath the skin’s surface, cleaning out excess sebum from the pores and reducing oiliness. Basically, this is strong so once a week, not every day. 

PHAs – Polyhydroxic acids are less likely to induce side effects so if you have sensitive skins, this is the one for you.   Look out for gluconolactone and lactobionic acid on your product labels. 



The Golden Rule: always use an SPF, all year-round, when you’re using acids on your skin (and even if you aren’t remember what UVA and UVB rays do to your skin!) as they can increase your sensitivity to the sun.


The ‘acid’ in  hyaluronic acid  (HA) is a little deceiving. Exempt from any of the exfoliating/skin cell dissolving qualities that you’ll find with AHAs and BHA, HA instead tackles hydration. it’s hailed as a superior ingredient for its ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water. This moisture binder becomes particularly beneficial as you age and skin loses its ability to hold moisture. Used in our entire skincare range to restore moisture, firmness, plumpness and suppleness. 

The full spectrum, fermented biotech Hyaluronic Acid we pour into all our formulas, immediately lift and smooth your skin for a healthier, robust complexion that holds onto the actives that are suspended in our concentrated formulas, for better absorption and efficacy. 




Romilly Wilde has a main focus which is about energy, nurture and nourish.  If your skin is supported and has the protection it needs, then it will not need the harsh exfoliation products that are being marketed at the moment by most skincare brands.   


Our skins are more delicate and sensitive than we think, so be patient and protect what mother nature gave you and enhance your natural beauty with a range that avoids harsh, chemical, toxic materials.  Your skin is the largest organ in our body and absorbs all these chemicals, and our poor livers are already working overtime to filter the hidden nasties, so go easy.